OR v.1: solo.operator, zemledelia, human parser, women of the pore – SPLIT (2018)


A collection of joint material under a common cover of four groups from Russia and Canada. Atmospheric music in its various manifestations – from ethno-electronics to free improvisation.




Saxophone solo with accompaniment from home recordings, which in addition to saxophone use trumpet and clarinet. It turns out very voluminous and self-sufficient.


Drone/Ambient-project from Moscow. Guitar, Saxophone, effects, imagination and free improvisation.

Human Parser

This artist from the city of Essentuki manages to convey several emotions in one track with the help of quite soft sounds. Pleasant ethno-electronics.

Women of the Pore

A guy who lives somewhere in the canadian suburbs regularly makes a rather rough noise, not devoid of melody.

Design: transparent boxes, Soviet MK-60 cassettes, new tape, booklet made of thick paper.

Additional mastering by: Danila Vetrov.